Adib Fattal


I will feel the most successful if I become almost instantly recognized by anyone who sees one of my paintings. Infact I do believe that a painters unique style is more important than the content of his/her paintings.
I also believe that one of the “duties” of the artist is to make the public happy when they look at one of his/her paintings.

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Chris Gustin

Chris Gustin

Internationally renowned ceramic artist, Chris Gustin, has spent decades devoted to making, and teaching ceramic art. Of his own work, Mr. Gustin states, “I am interested in pottery that makes connections to the human figure. The figurative analogies used to describe pots throughout history all in some way invite touch. The pots that I respond […]

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Chingiz Abassov

painting by Chingiz Abassov

Graduated from the Academy of Art and Design in St.Petersburg( Russia), Chingiz Abassov is an artist with a background in monumental arts. On his personal site are images of his works, which have been exhibited in art galleries in the USA and Europe since 1989. You can see his CV and visuals at: Chingiz […]

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The Art of the Mind – Craig Gordon

Craig Gordon Photography

Craig Gordon (in his own words) “I am a New York-based graphic designer and photographer. Through art I attempt to journey into the mind, and retrieve the images we construct there, where our thoughts and dreams arrange recent and distant memory-pictures of the natural and constructed worlds. In uniting the conscious and unconscious realms of […]

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Richard Stone Royal Portrait Painter

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Richard Stone has painted portraits of the Royal Family for nearly three decades. At the age of 22 he became Britain’s youngest royal portrait artist since Sir Thomas Lawrence painted Queen Charlotte in 1790 at the age of 21. Although he has had little formal art training, Richard Stone’s success is a direct result of […]

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Stan Weber Wallscapes

Abstract Wall Scuptures

In his own words: “Over the past 20 years, I have been a mechanical designer, home designer/builder, musician, and experimental artist. During the past five years, I have been filling my home and those of friends and family, with my unique 3-D “Wallscapes”. This past summer I built up a collection of pieces to display […]

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William Ross Searle


William Ross Searle was born and raised on Martha’s Vineyard Island. A 10th generation Island native, his early experiences with Island life and changing seasons is strongly etched into his paintings and drawings. He works comfortably with both acrylic and watercolor mediums. He paints New England, especially the perimeter of the seashore, where light, weather and tide unite with human activity in a rich pronouncement of man and his life.

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Heather Goff loves to take photographs, and she loves to design and program websites. She found herself looking at the hundreds of digital images taken  since she bought her first digital camera and decided to make them accessible to the world at large. And thus the site of Martha’s Vineyard digital photographs was born. […]

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