William Ross Searle


William Ross Searle was born and raised on Martha’s Vineyard Island. A 10th generation Island native, his early experiences with Island life and changing seasons is strongly etched into his paintings and drawings. He works comfortably with both acrylic and watercolor mediums. He paints New England, especially the perimeter of the seashore, where light, weather and tide unite with human activity in a rich pronouncement of man and his life.

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Heather Goff loves to take photographs, and she loves to design and program websites. She found herself looking at the hundreds of digital images takenĀ  since she bought her first digital camera and decided to make them accessible to the world at large. And thus the site of Martha’s Vineyard digital photographs mvlandscapes.com was born. […]

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Alison Shaw Photography

Alison Shaw is based on Martha’s Vineyard. Her photographic landscapes capture the beauty and magic of island moments. To view more of Alison Shaw’s Martha’s Vineyard inspired photography, please visit her website at http://alisonshaw.com/

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Clay Trout Pottery

Owned and operated by potter Kim Barry, Clay Trout Pottery is located in a small sea coast town in Massachusetts and specializes in producing unique hand-thrown plant containers by traditional methods. The pots can be made in one of four different clays: red terracotta, white or black or parchment. Patinas or finishes are applied and […]

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Interview with Jules Maidoff


“The artist can only make art that comes from their life. That means that an artist must have a life: an intellectual life, a personal life. Art which is not borne in a life is sterile and scientific. It’s not very useful for helping others to explore the mystery of where we are, what we’re […]

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Erik Hertz Stoneware Pottery

I have been producing stoneware pottery from my studio on Maryland’s Eastern Shore for over 20 years. While marketing my work through shows and craft shops around the country I have developed a line of functional, handmade pottery available in 6 different glazes. All of my work is individually hand made.All of my pottery is […]

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Dr. Ellen K. Rudolph Photography

Explore the evolving image collections of professional photographer-educator Dr. Ellen K. Rudolph. Visit Australia, Suriname, South Africa, Provence, Williamsburg, Ecuador, Costa Rica and more through her lens and her educational websites. Her world travels help bring the world to you. To see more 35mm photography by Dr. Ellen K. Rudolph please visit her website at […]

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Steve Galgas

Steve Galgas is interested in experimenting with tim-based visuals. He uses video as an extension of painting or graphic desig, hoping to create a sort of visual music

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Sonja Daub

Unique Digital Art Prints I would describe my work as being a combination of surrealism with design. Although I am extremely capable of creating a planned out piece containing specific content, my joy comes from the surprise I get when I “play” with art… To view more of Sonja Daub’s unique digital art prints please […]

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Teresa Lunt Artist Photographer

In talking about her work, Teresa Lunt says: “My images begin life as photographs. However, rather than depicting reality, they have a painterly quality. There is an element of fantasy about them. Most of my pieces were originally captured digitally. A variety of optical means were used to create an image quite different from what […]

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