The Art of the Mind – Craig Gordon

Craig Gordon Photography

Craig Gordon (in his own words) “I am a New York-based graphic designer and photographer. Through art I attempt to journey into the mind, and retrieve the images we construct there, where our thoughts and dreams arrange recent and distant memory-pictures of the natural and constructed worlds. In uniting the conscious and unconscious realms of […]

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Heather Goff loves to take photographs, and she loves to design and program websites. She found herself looking at the hundreds of digital images takenĀ  since she bought her first digital camera and decided to make them accessible to the world at large. And thus the site of Martha’s Vineyard digital photographs was born. […]

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Steve Galgas

Steve Galgas is interested in experimenting with tim-based visuals. He uses video as an extension of painting or graphic desig, hoping to create a sort of visual music

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Sonja Daub

Unique Digital Art Prints I would describe my work as being a combination of surrealism with design. Although I am extremely capable of creating a planned out piece containing specific content, my joy comes from the surprise I get when I “play” with art… To view more of Sonja Daub’s unique digital art prints please […]

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Teresa Lunt Artist Photographer

In talking about her work, Teresa Lunt says: “My images begin life as photographs. However, rather than depicting reality, they have a painterly quality. There is an element of fantasy about them. Most of my pieces were originally captured digitally. A variety of optical means were used to create an image quite different from what […]

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Kamal Dhingr form and design driven illustration

Kamal Dhingr created digital art form and design driven illustration.

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