The Art of the Mind – Craig Gordon

Craig Gordon (in his own words)

Craig Gordon Photography“I am a New York-based graphic designer and photographer. Through art I attempt to journey into the mind, and retrieve the images we construct there, where our thoughts and dreams arrange recent and distant memory-pictures of the natural and constructed worlds. In uniting the conscious and unconscious realms of experience, “dream” and “reality” become a single, surreality.
To recreate the art of the mind, I implement the camera and computer, combining select scenes and elements; digitally altering the
composition, background, and the play of light according to a specific vision.
The results are images that are unfamiliar as outward objects of our eyes, but which, I hope, will strike a deep inner resonance.. ”

To see more of Craig Gordon’s Surreal Photography and Artworks of Land and See visit his website at:

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