Chingiz Abassov

painting by Chingiz AbassovGraduated from the
Academy of Art and Design in St.Petersburg( Russia), Chingiz Abassov is an artist with a background in monumental arts.

On his personal site are images of his works, which have been exhibited in art galleries in the USA and Europe since 1989.
You can see his CV and visuals at:

Chingiz Abassov writes,(quote)
“My art reflects the three different worlds of which I
am a part.It is a complement of European
Renaissance, Byzantine monumentalism and my own native
Azerbaijan ancient miniature illustration.
My paintings, graphics and murals combine western
classical beauty, eastern religious mysticism and
multi-faceted splendor of Islamic art.
My artwork is inspired by my inner soul to feel;a
colorful expression of the emotion I have for life
melded with the discipline of the Baron Von Stieglitz
School of Art in St.Petersburg(,Russia).”

Abassov lives and works in Finland and USA( Los Angeles), and is a member of International Association of art UNESCO.

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